Q 1. I am a Citizen of Turkey, do I need a visa to visit Egypt?

Ans 1. Yes, you need to apply for visa, see Visa Rules.

Q 2. I am looking for a chance to work in Egypt, how can I start the procedure to get a job in Egypt?

Ans 2. The procedure starts by the sponsor from Egypt.

Q 3. Can I apply for a Turist Vizesi?

Ans 3. No, currently Turist Vizesi is not issued.

Q 4. I am not Turkeyn citizen, can obtain an entry visa to travel to Egypt?

Ans 4. It depends on your nationality. You can contact visa section for more details.

Q 5. I got the visa, and I did not travel to Egypt, now my visa expired and I need to go to Egypt, do I need to apply directly in the embassy or arrange with the sponsor in Egypt?

Ans 5. You have to arrange with sponsor in Egypt.

Q 6. What is the fees for documents attestation?

Ans 6. It depends on the type of the document, Kindly check the consular services page.

Q 7. What are the working time/days in Egypt?

Ans 7. It is a one shift system (08:00 am- 03:00 pm), with Friday and Saturday off days as a weekend.

Q 8. Can drive a car in Egypt using my Turkeyn driving license?

Ans 8. No, you should issue a new driving license in Egypt or use international driving license.

Q 9. Which Medical center does Medical Test for Egypt Visa Process?

Ans 9. Please find the below name and address for the medical centre for the medical test for Egypt Visa process

Sanghi Medical Centre Private Limited

Yesilce Mh. Destegul Sokak, Polatcan Plaza
No-5 Kagithane – Istanbul / Turkey

Contact No:

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